How to Choose a Prosumer Camcorder

You must be wondering what prosumer camcorder exactly mean. With camcorder is pretty clear, but what is prosumer? Well, long story short it is something between a consumer level of difficulty and abilities and professional. If you are a total beginner, then even a camera on your phone most probably enough for your needs. Especially at the very beginning it is better to focus on theory on how to make movies, how to actually capture, how to transmit the idea to audience, etc. And to do that all you need  a very basic simple camera that can take some videos. animated-cameraman-and-videographer-image-0018

Then, a bit later along with getting experience you will find that the basic beginners camera lacks functions. You will suddenly realise that you actually know what to do and how to do, but the beginners camcorder that you were using is not enough anymore to fulfil your ideas. Exactly at this point you have to consider buying a prosumer camcorder.

Why prosumer camcorder and not professional one you might ask. The main reason is money. Buying a prosumer camera instead of professional one can save you loads of money. At the same time, a prosumer camcorder provides you with a very decent functionality which is very close to a professional one. Such a camera will definitely will not be a limiting you in fulfilling any of your ideas. The opposite, it will not overwhelm you with excessive amount of different settings and options as may do a professional camcorder.

So to speak, a prosumer camcorder is a camera with full functionality for the advanced level movie makers. Now let’s go through some key points on what you have to consider before buying a prosumer camera for yourself.

One of the main things to consider when choosing any camcorder and prosumer in particular is a fixed or detachable lens. To put it simple, if you are on a lower end of budget, then go to a fixed one. Fixed lens camcorder is also will be ok for you if you are still not sure if you really need different lenses for what you are filming. So as to detachable lens camcorder it will give  obviously a wider selection of options of filming, but you have to remember that it will end up quite costly for you. A couple of lenses may cost you the value of the camcorder itself.

If you are going for the fixed lens prosumer camcorder, then you also have to consider if you will have to shoot in the low light conditions or not. If yes, then there are special low light camcorders that will totally meet and satisfy your needs. If you are not sure if you actually need one like this or need some advice on which low light camcorder model to choose, you can check out this guide.

Another important thing to look at is the sensor. The bigger it is the better. Larger sensor will provide you with a better quality picture in general. Its just like in DSLR, when most people think that the quantity of mega pixels define the quality of the image. But in reality the sensor of the camera is the key detail for that.



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